• Crystal transparent box
  • Wall thickness 3 to 4mm
  • High quality finish
  • Printing possible on several sides
  • Applications: luxury, flowers, communication, coffee capsules, sweets, chocolates, jewellery, home decoration, perfumes…
Colours available from 100 pieces

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The E-Plasticase CHIC range offers you a series of five high-quality transparent boxes with a high-end finish. You can choose from several sizes of transparent boxes to find the most suitable one for your needs.

This type of box is designed to display and draw attention to its contents. The CR1600 is a simple and harmonious cubic model with a volume of about 1,600 cm³. It is ideal for showcasing your high-end products.

This transparent box can be customised with exterior branding by screen printing, inkjet printing or hot stamping. These technologies print your logo, an original image and/or a message on the box. We can also create a customised insert in foam or thermoformed cushioning to support any content.
This transparent box has many applications in a multitude of sectors including luxury products, communication, confectionery, coffee or tea pods, modelling, point-of-sale (POS) advertising, etc. The box allows not only displays your product, but also protects it from external factors.

Made by PMMA (POLYMETHYL METHACRYLATE) injection moulding, this material has many advantages. Its optical quality transparency and the thickness of the walls render qualitative reflections. These boxes are known for their elegance coupled with exceptional quality. Needless to say, Gaggione has specialised for several decades in the design and injection of transparent plastic components, particularly in the field of optics.

Focus on the E-plasticase brand: With its extensive experience in the creation, design and moulding of plastic items, boxes, cases and suitcases of all kinds, E-Plasticase has always been able to meet the expectations and needs of its extremely varied clientele.

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Colours available from 100 pieces



crystal PMMA

Packaging unit


Average unit weight in kg

0.429 kg

Weight per carton

12.00 kg

Volume per carton

0.062 m3

Internal dimensions in mm117 mm X 117 mm X 119 mm
External dimensions in mm128 mm X 128 mm X 128 mm

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You have several possibilities to customize your case, the most popular being:

Print on the case by silk screen or “jet ink” printing. Click on “customize design”. Follow the guide below, to make your own model!

Insert in foam or vacuumformed to improve the presentation and protection of your products. Send us as much information as possible to get the best solution!




























To make your own printed model and present it to the decision maker:

1/ Choose one case among our large range

2/ Choose the best suitable color among the available colors

3/ Click on “customize design”

4/ Download your logo or picture

5/ Write your message

6/ Send us your request

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