Technical cases and suitcases made of rigid plastic

Gaggione is a French manufacturer of highquality, custommade suitcases and storage boxes for professionals in all sectors. With our wide range of cases, boxes and technical cases made of rigid plastic, you will finally be able to transport, protect and store all your tools and personal or professional belongings in complete safety and peace of mind, whatever your sector of activity.

Quality technical cases

Protect, promote, present your products and thus contribute to your success, this is our mission. Thanks to a wide variety of rigid plastic cases, boxes and briefcases, we are able to respond to all types of projects in all sectors of activity.

Create your own communication tool by choosing from the many colors and customizing the exterior and/or interior. Several million cases sold worldwide are proof that we know how to adapt to all needs.

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With inside / outside personalization, attract and seduce your users for a long time.

Technical cases for all applications

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Gaggione cases and suitcases are used in the most dynamic industries but also by customers of all sizes and in all sectors. Gaggione’s rigid plastic cases, suitcases and boxes are recognized and appreciated worldwide for their quality and reliability. They are very effective communication tools and are widely used in sectors as varied as medical, luxury, industry, construction, automotive, leisure activities, food products or simply for storage and filing.