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In order to facilitate your searches and allow you to quickly find the suitcase or plastic case adapted to your needs, we provide you with this simple and fast search engine. Enter dimensions, format and appearance and choose your case from the products on offer.

A wide range of plastic suitcases and briefcases

For more than 50 years, E Plasticase has been designing and supplying professionals in all sectors with plastic cases, briefcases and cases for the storage, packaging and transport of their documents and products of all kinds, even the most luxurious or fragile.

Whether you need a large opaque suitcase, a transparent presentation case, a case for your pens and small tools or transparent food boxes, we offer you a wide range of products, available in a wide range of colours.

Once you have found the suitcase adapted to your mechanical constraints, do not hesitate to contact our teams so that we can customize it to your image and needs.

For further information, feel free to consult our catalog!

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