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For more than 50 years, we’ve been developing and manufacturing packaging, cases and mini-cases in rigid plastic for all sectors of activity and all purposes: promotion, presentation, demonstration of new products, trade shows, corporate gifts, etc.

The wide variety of shapes, colours, and numerous customisation options will make our promotional cases an essential part of your communication.

From 100 pieces, choose your case or mini-case from our wide range and customise it with your logo or message. To make it a really perfect promotional tool, opt for custom interior cushioning to fit your products. From 500 pieces, a wider choice of colours is available for all polypropylene models. Contact us for more information.

All the cases in our advertising range are promotional objects in their own right. Thanks to their quality and durability, they convey a positive, high-quality brand image.

Presentation boxes and POS displays​

Present your products and samples in a very professional way with our PP presentation cases.

The E-Plasticase demonstration and promotion case helps salespeople, pharmaceutical representatives and training providers communicate their message to customers. Its rigidity makes it the perfect place to store your documents or promote your offers and various products, as well as an ideal surface to rest on when taking notes.

A well-organised and practical presentation case is an extra advantage for your sales team and distributors! Many professionals have chosen our cases for their impact resistance, good value for money and numerous customisation options.

Transparent, promotional boxes, mini-cases and briefcases

Easily transportable and impact-resistant, our PP presentation and demonstration cases help you communicate inside and outside of your company. Our transparent PP mini-cases are real showcases, available in pocket size or A3.

For an upmarket POS display, opt for our CRYSTAL boxes. With their pure lines and sober design, these luxury cases will show off your creations beautifully.

Boxes for your promotional and business gifts

Offer your customers a useful gift “made in France”. Boxes marked with your logo or slogan will ensure your customers remember the quality image of your products or services for a long time.

Discover the CR range, perfectly adapted to the luxury and food sectors. Offer specialities from your region in these reusable boxes!

Briefcase for your trade fairs, conferences, meetings, seminars or congresses

E-Plasticase’s mini-cases can be used to promote your offers, store your documents during seminars, congresses, meetings… but also to extend the impact of the event on your recipients. They will be able to use them for other purposes afterwards, and are sure to appreciate their resistance and quality.

These presentation cases can meet many different needs thanks to their wide variety of sizes, colours and designs (opaque, transparent, etc.).

Promotional Packaging

Attract your targets with a teaser: the frosted surface hints at what lies inside the packaging without giving it away entirely.

The frosted appearance of the case opposite is achieved by moulding a grained case from our standard range in transparent propylene.

There is a minimum order quantity of 500 pieces for this feature, please contact us.

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Discover the GAGGIONE E-Plasticase catalogue.

Format, size, colours… what packaging would suit your project?

With interior/exterior customisation,

attract users and make a lasting impression.

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