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The boxes, cases and packaging designed by E-Plasticase are characterised by a very high level of quality, visual appeal and reliability. Our advantage? A range of customisable standard boxes to meet luxury professionals’ need for flexibility, fast response times and economical solutions, in fields such as perfume, cosmetic products, fine foods, spirits, etc. Depending on your budget, needs and various constraints, we can customise our standard boxes for you.

This range is the product of our expertise in manufacturing high-thickness transparent plastic parts. It consists of luxury boxes in PMMA (or Plexiglas) with perfect finishes that show off your exceptional creations or products while offering a high degree of protection. Crystal or opaque polystyrene offers an interesting alternative for those on a budget.

Transparent boxes for luxury products​

Enhance your products’ appeal with our transparent boxes. As a specialist in luxury packaging, we have designed upmarket boxes to meet the needs of the perfume, cosmetics, textile, fashion accessories, spirits, jewellery and general luxury goods sectors.

The sober and pure lines of our injection-moulded PMMA packaging make it suitable for all kinds of occasions: collector’s box, anniversary box, limited edition box, pampering box (spa).

Advantages of our luxury packaging​

Our upmarket presentation boxes offer the level of quality sought by the most prestigious brands:

• Crystal-like transparency

• High-end finishes

• 3 to 4mm thick walls to create light effects

• Many customisation options for packaging that reflects your image and meets your needs.

Increase your impact on your customers by printing a photo on the box!

Customisable high-end boxes

The luxury boxes and cases can be customised by exterior marking (digital, hot stamping or pad printing) and interior design (foam, thermoforming, machined Plexi).

Transparent, opaque or patterned thermoformed cushioning can be used to highlight your exceptional creations and provide optimum protection for your most fragile products. There are many different choices so each box can be unique and perfectly reflect the image you want to convey.

If you need to save money, we can manufacture these boxes in PS from 2,500 or 5,000 pcs depending on the model.

E-Plasticase quality

Our standard range of luxury boxes in PMMA (Plexiglas®) is manufactured at our factory in the Ain region of France, which allows us to offer quick response times.

Our ISO 9001 certification ensures flawless service and constant quality.

Manufactured in series and kept in stock, they can be delivered quickly for orders of 100 pieces or more, to meet your urgent needs.

Due to their upmarket quality, our boxes can have a second or even third life. The logo will stay marked on the box forever, making it all the more noticeable to users.

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