Storage and filing

Gaggione makes standard mini-cases and carrying cases used in many organisations to store records and files. At school, our pencil case is also very successful! Injection moulded in polypropylene, our filing cases are long-lasting and resistant to handling.

A new pencil case for school !

At school or for any other purpose, teenagers are going to love this pretty colorfull and solid pencil case. They’ll be able to customize it with their favorite stickers, write or draw as they wish, it’s washable!

Very practical and original opening/closing device.

New DIY box

Artists of all ages are going to reveale their talent thanks to this nice practical and rigid box.

With its original opening/closing device, this box is also washable and resist to most chemical agents.

School or training carrying case

Appreciated by teachers for their robustness, our mini-cases are used by schoolchildren for technology classes (assembly kits), music, languages, etc.

They are also used in continuing training and in specialist schools (nursing, cookery, etc.).

Plastic cases for filing and archiving documents in industry

Our highly resistant carrying cases and mini-cases are reliable, long-lasting containers for files and archives.

They preserve important documents in good condition to meet legal obligations.

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