Suitcase, and plastic boxes for storage and filing

Gaggione manufactures boxes, mini-cases and briefcases, used to store cards, archives and files, but also pencils and pens.
Injected in polypropylene, our suitcases and filing boxes are resistant to time and numerous manipulations.

Trousse pour stylos d'école solide en plastique

A new kit for the new school year

For the next school year, opt for a colorful, rigid and solid pencil box, and personalize it according to your desires with stickers or felt pens. Equipped with a very practical push button, it is also washable.

This plastic case can also hold your small fragile tools such as syringes or other small medical accessories.

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Training and school kits

Appreciated by teachers for their robustness, our cases are also used by students for technology courses (editing kits), music, language, etc. They are also used for continuing education and in specialized schools (nurses, cooking, etc,).

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Petite valise pour appareil médical
Porte documents et attaché case transparents

Suitcase for filing and archiving, defect library

Our highly resistant cases and suitcases are reliable and durable filing and archiving tools. They preserve important documents in good condition to meet legal obligations. Discover the transparent T2T storage case. A suitcase that stands out for its large interior volume and design with the possibility of colored clasps.

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DIY plastic box

A storage box that you can truly customize and adapt to your needs and desires. The budding artists will reveal themselves thanks to this rigid and practical box to store pencils or other small products.

Equipped with a very practical and resistant push button, this box is washable and resistant to the main chemical agents.

Discover the plastic case P3: a handleless case with fine graining, available in many colours.

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