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We manufacture boxesmini-cases and briefcases which are used to store and organise cards, archives and files, as well as pencils and pens. Made of injection-moulded polypropylene, a flexible and resistant material, our filing cases and boxes can stand the test of time and frequent handling.

For greater efficiency, we can mark our products with your logo, messages or user instructions. If your products require it, we can work with you to develop interior foam or thermoformed cushioning.

Optimising storage costs has become a significant challenge for many companies. So we offer custom storage solutions to deal with your specific issues.

A wide range of storage options

E-Plasticase briefcases and mini-cases offer a wide range of models with an integrated or semi-integrated handle. Used for tidying or storage, for equipment or documents, their sturdiness is legendary!

The polypropylene COMPACT cases allow for optimal storage in a cabinet or workshop. Their design gives them a more robust, industrial look.

Mini-case for filing and archiving, defect library

Our high-resistance briefcases and mini-cases are reliable and durable filing and archiving tools. They keep important documents safe to help you comply with legal requirements. Discover the T4T transparent storage case. This case stands out for its large interior volume and attractive design. The coloured clasps make it easier to distinguish between different types of products or documents.

Partitioned box

Our R2C model in transparent polypropylene (usable dim. 222x143x39mm) includes 10 fixed compartments. They can be used to store products of different sizes, or sell an easily identifiable complete kit. For the rest of the range, we can develop custom partitioning to fit your products.

Rigid cases for travelling the word!

Our rigid cases and boxes travel all over the world, as toolboxes, shuttle cases, maintenance kits, etc.

Our cases and crates guarantee excellent protection for your products. We can mark the exterior with your logo or message, and develop custom foam or thermoformed interior cushioning for your products.

We bring you the benefit of over 40 years’ experience in tool manufacturing and plastic injection moulding.

Training and school kits

Appreciated by teachers for their robustness, our mini-cases are also used by students of technology (assembly kits), music, language, etc.

They are also used at specialist schools (cooking, nursing, etc.) and in continuing education, for storing equipment and documents safely.

A new DIY plastic box to begin the school year

DIY as in DO IT YOURSELF. A storage box you can really customise and adapt to suit your needs and tastes. Budding artists can reveal their talent with this handy rigid case for storing pencils and other small items. Featuring a very handy, hard-wearing push button, this box is washable and resistant to the main chemical agents.

Discover the P3 plastic case: a handleless case with fine graining, available in many colours.

A new kit to start the school year

Featuring a very handy push button, it is also washable.

This plastic case can also hold your small fragile tools such as syringes or other small medical accessories.

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