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Entertainment and leisure

In the entertainment and leisure sector, our polypropylene mini-cases are suitable for all activities requiring specific equipment. The opaque ones can be used to storecarry and safely protect all your equipment and accessories. The transparent ones are ideal for quick “check-ups” to make sure nothing is missing.

Our cases offer many advantages :

• A wide range of sizes and colours,
• Easy customisation by exterior marking and/or interior design to help you stand out and retain customers.

Our rigid plastic cases and mini-cases are very popular as containers for games, creative leisure activities, creative art kits, handicrafts, drawings, card games, magic and jigsaw puzzles.

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Storage cases for creative leisure activities and games

Need a robust mini-case?
Choose our G1TR2T or R3T models in transparent polypropylene, a flexible and resistant material.
Want to showcase your products?
The G3 model appeals especially to game and toy professionals, and makes a perfect “gift box”. Its crystal-like transparency draws attention to its contents.

Our standard range is also suitable for all small items like games and toys (miniature cars, Rubik’s Cube, etc.)

Upmarket collectors' boxes

Our PMMA CRYSTAL boxes make beautiful display cases for collections of miniature cars, bottles or figurines for example.

They are sometimes used to exhibit works of art in galleries or museums.

Mallette de football pour arbitre

Transport and storage cases for sports and leisure activities

In sports and leisure, reliability and safety are the top factors for success!

The solidity and reliability of our polypropylene cases make them excellent technical cases for carrying and storing accessories, installation and repair kits for all leisure activities, such as golf or water sports, and musical instrument accessories.

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Case for storage and transport of accessories​

Our cases and mini-cases are ideal for storing and protecting equipment, cables
and high-tech accessories: laptops, cameras, Switch, etc.

The variety of shapes and colours on offer makes our cases excellent containers for your field of activity. Use our search engine to find the ideal model for your project.

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