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Colours, sizes, interior compartments, exterior marking, etc.
We offer a wide range of options for orders of 100 pieces or more.
Receive your cases, which enhance the look of your products, meet your specifications
and fit in perfectly with your communication strategy.

How do we make a mock-up to suit your needs?


We have over 150 Gaggione models for you to choose from!
Dimensions, shapes, design, colours or materials :
you can customise your case as you wish.

Follow the guide and give yourself
the best chance of standing out from the crowd!

Interior design​

Save time by letting us design the interior of your case for the best possible presentation and protection! From 100 pieces, we offer you a personalised service to cushion, display or protect your products in our mini-cases.
Send us your products and we will promptly send you a quote taking account of your requirements, products and order volumes. You will receive your complete mini-cases fitted with foam (opposite), thermoformed padding, document pockets, mirrors, etc.

Customisation by marking​

We offer various types of marking on our plastic mini-cases and boxes. The choice of technique used depends on our customer’s requirements and the type of case to be decorated.

We recommend the most suitable of the following techniques : Screen printing, Digital marking (opposite), Hot stamping, Pad printing and Embossing.

Send us your vector files along with information on the size, direction and location of the marking, and we will produce an initial paper mock-up. From 200 pieces, we will send you one piece for inspection before making the rest of the production run.

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Custom design for your packaging

Let our design office create your “special presentation cases” and offer you a “tailor-made” solution. Offer for big projects only (large volume of orders).
Feel free to contact us for more information.

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