• Plastic case with integral handle
  • Silk-printable bevel, wall support available for this reference (LA)
  • Applications: first aid , DIY, leisure, instruments…
Colours available from 100 pieces

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The model L1 is a case with a moulded handle in the E-plasticase catalogue. The handle, moulded into the design, provides a good distribution of the weight of the contents during transport, making it ideal for use during interventions and travel. This model is available with a minimum order of 100 items in 9 colours (beige, white, blue, blue grey, charcoal grey, yellow, black, red, green). For this case L1, a wall bracket (ref. LA) model is also available. This allows the small suitcase to be visible and accessible quickly at all times in case of an emergency or for repairs.

The interior and exterior of these cases with moulded handles, made of compact rigid plastic (polypropylene), are customisable. External branding, by screen printing or digital printing, prints text, a logo or an image on the front of the case. The interior is customised with foam or thermoformed inserts (shape and density of foam and plastic adapted to your product) to meet your needs and display your products and instruments optimally and neatly. The brandings are indelible, which makes GAGGIONE E-plasticase products long-lasting and high-quality, and resistant to the test of time and external factors (rain, dust, etc.).

Preview your customised case now with our customisation tool (after selecting a product, a colour and the desired quantity).

Examples of use of the L1 model: medium-size toolboxes, cases with moulded handles for tool transport and technical intervention, cases for control and diagnostic kit transfer, cleaning, maintenance and diagnostic cases, etc.

Focus on the brand E-plasticase: Expert in the design, manufacture and sale of thermoplastic and injected-silicone products and components, Gaggione E-plasticase offers you a wide range of cases, suitcases, small cases and storage box perfectly adapted to your needs. Certified ISO 9001, E-plasticase is committed to provide you with long-lasting, high-quality products “Made in France”.

Colours available from 100 pieces

Beige, Black, Blue, Blue Grey, Charcoal grey, Green, Red, White, Yellow



Packaging unit


Average unit weight in kg

0.508 kg

Weight per carton

6.45 kg

Volume per carton

0.095 m3

Wall bracket option


Internal dimensions in mm339 mm X 248 mm X 81 mm
External dimensions in mm349 mm X 264 mm X 86 mm