• Mini-case with semi integral pull-out handle, fine textured
  • Rounded case , A4 size
  • Applications: leisure, veterinary, demonstration kit, decoration kit, medical …
Colours available from 100 pieces

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The model D4 is a display suitcase with a handle in the GAGGIONE E-Plasticase catalogue. The handle is semi-moulded into the design to provide a good distribution of the weight of the contents during transport, making this case ideal for use during seminars and trips. This case provides optimal protection for your products, documents or equipment.

Available in 4 colours (beige, blue, black, red), this PP (or polypropylene) model is resistant, long-lasting and easy to maintain. Its A4-size dimensions (internal dimensions of 326 mm x 237 mm x 79 mm) make it perfect for easy transport and optimised storage.

The interior and exterior of this display suitcase are fully customisable. By means of digital printing or screen printing, you can add a logo, an image or text on the flat surfaces of the D4. Foam or thermoforming inserts, tailored to your needs and constraints, can be inserted inside this case.

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Examples of use of the D4 model: emergency and first-aid cases, PPMS kits, maintenance tool boxes, transport cases for technical intervention tools, transport cases for control and diagnostic kits, cleaning, maintenance and diagnostic cases, display suitcases, etc.

Focus on the E-plasticase brand: Gaggione E-plasticase is a French company that has been established in Ain for several decades. From the design of its cases to manufacturing, everything is made in France. Specialising in the design of suitcases, mini-suitcases, cases and boxes, the company guarantees you a customised service and support. E-plasticase products are intended for professionals in all sectors for the transport, display, promotion and organisation of their tools, products and objects, of all shapes, sizes and weights.

Colours available from 100 pieces

Beige, Black, Blue, Red



Standard size

A4 (210×297 mm)

Packaging unit


Average unit weight in kg

0.500 kg

Weight per carton

6.20 kg

Volume per carton

0.087 m3

Internal dimensions in mm326 mm X 237 mm X 79 mm
External dimensions in mm336 mm X 266 mm X 85 mm

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You have several possibilities to customize your case, the most popular being:

Print on the case by silk screen or “jet ink” printing. Click on “customize design”. Follow the guide below, to make your own model!

Insert in foam or vacuumformed to improve the presentation and protection of your products. Send us as much information as possible to get the best solution!




























To make your own printed model and present it to the decision maker:

1/ Choose one case among our large range

2/ Choose the best suitable color among the available colors

3/ Click on “customize design”

4/ Download your logo or picture

5/ Write your message

6/ Send us your request

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