• Little case without handle, fine textured
  • A5 size, available with moving handle : see M2
  • Applications: games, maintenance, optical products, textile, CD, dental products …
Colours available from 100 pieces

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The P5 is a small case in the Gaggione E-plasticase catalogue. Available with a minimum order of 100 items in 5 colours (white, pastel blue, black, red, pastel green), this model is ideal for professionals in any sector requiring a small case that is both practical, discreet and robust, while being aesthetic. This small case is also perfect for transporting sensitive and fragile objects. Without a handle, this A5 small case fits easily into a large suitcase to protect the smallest items.

Made of polypropylene (PP), it is easy to maintain and protects its contents from dust, rain and external factors. The hinges, tested in the laboratory, are particularly resistant (over 100,000 folds), providing a superior quality, long-lasting model.
This case is customisable to render a product that meets your needs and desires.

The exterior is customisable with a logo, text or an image by digital printing or screen printing. The customised foam or thermoformed inserts display and protect your products, tools or accessories.

This model is also available with an articulated handle (M2).
Examples of use of the P5 model: storage for games, toolbox and small tools, boxes for medical or optical equipment and tools, creative leisure storage, small first-aid kits, small casees, etc.

Focus on the E-plasticase brand: For over 55 years now, GAGGIONE E-plasticase has been providing professionals in all sectors of plastic packaging. The company offers you a wide choice of custom cases, suitcases, boxes and storage boxes adapted to your needs and constraints. Gaggione stands out because its products are long-lasting and of high quality, and certified ISO9001 and RoHS, which guarantees French know-how and customised support.

Contact the E-plasticase sales team now for a customised quote.

Colours available from 100 pieces

Black, Pastel Blue, Pastel Green, Red, White



Standard size

A5 (148×210 mm)

Packaging unit


Average unit weight in kg

0.186 kg

Weight per carton

4.80 kg

Volume per carton

0.048 m3

Internal dimensions in mm219 mm X 158 mm X 41 mm
External dimensions in mm225 mm X 169 mm X 45 mm

Pdf documentation :


You have several possibilities to customize your case, the most popular being:

Print on the case by silk screen or “jet ink” printing. Click on “customize design”. Follow the guide below, to make your own model!

Insert in foam or vacuumformed to improve the presentation and protection of your products. Send us as much information as possible to get the best solution!




























To make your own printed model and present it to the decision maker:

1/ Choose one case among our large range

2/ Choose the best suitable color among the available colors

3/ Click on “customize design”

4/ Download your logo or picture

5/ Write your message

6/ Send us your request

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