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In addition to a wide choice of cases and boxes in many colours, we offer two customisation options.

Firstly, you can affix your logo, image or text to the exterior of your cases. For the interior, we offer tailor-made inserts. Another article is dedicated to this topic.

Updated : 19.07.2021

E-plasticase cases and suitcases can be branded on the case exterior. All our branding is indelible as we apply a treatment directly to the case.

Exterior branding

Branding is done by silkscreen printing or by inkjet printing (digital printing) on all our models. Exclusively on CRYSTAL models, laser engraving or shiny gold or silver hot branding can be done on most faces. On PP models, hot stamping is possible.

Only the T7 and B2 models cannot be digitally printed, but if you require quadri-printing, we will propose affixing a quality label.

Types of branding

As mentioned above, several branding options are available depending on your project, your constraints and your budget:

Screen-printing: This branding method is an ideal solution for smaller budgets and affixes a logo or text to the lid or bottom of the case. We recommend screen-printing up to 2 or even 3 colours. It is recommended for non-weft logos. This is a direct printing technique, which consists in depositing the ink directly on the box through a screen. The colour is deposited “solid”, which creates intense colours and opaque rendering. This branding technique is used in many sectors, in particular for printing signage panels.

Digital branding: This technology, extremely precise, deposits very colourful designs, sharp photos and fine or small texts on the case exterior. This high-precision printing method promises exceptional rendering for very detailed patterns. It offers great flexibility for changing patterns, is printable on many flat materials and allows high-definition printing. Printing is done using UV inks and is based on a single, predefined file.

Hot branding: This technique, rather reserved for models in the CHIC range (CR700, CR800, CR1600, CR1800, CR3500), consists in depositing a thin metallized or pigmented layer using heat and pressure. This process affixes shiny gold or silver branding for luxurious and high-quality rendering. It is more expensive than digital printing or screen printing, but offers unique rendering for a privileged user experience. This technique is used in the fields of point-of-sale promotion and luxury packaging (perfumes, collector’s items, etc.).

Laser engraving: Used especially on PMMA boxes, it creates transparent and embossed branding with a sandblasted effect and gives a discreet, high-quality appearance to the branding.

An expert from the E-plasticase team will explore with you the possible options best suited to your needs.

Tailor-made branding

If you are interested in exterior branding, you can preview your branding using our customisation tool.

To access it, simply choose a model, a colour, a clasp colour (if applicable) and a quantity, and then click on “customisation”. For the selection of the case model, we advise you to take several criteria into account, including:

The weight and shape of the object you want to place inside the case

The use made of the case (frequency, transport, conditions of use, etc.)

The colour (we offer many standard colours for orders over 100 items as well as an out-of-standard colour card for orders over 500 items), the choice of the colour of the case will depend in particular on the colour of the product, the desired effect, your graphic charter, etc.

Whether you want a transparent case or not

Once your needs have been identified, you can go directly to our online catalogue and choose the case that suits you.

Then, click on “CUSTOMISATION” and you will be redirected to the customisation interface. In this tool you, can see your logo, image or text directly on the case of your choice. This will provide you with a mock-up that you can share with your teams and customers.

It is technically not possible to brand inside the cases, but we have the option of adhering labels if you wish.

For screen printing or digital branding, a vector file in EPS, AI, DXF or IGES format must be sent by email. We will also need to know the reading direction, and the location and the size of the branding on the case so that our team can provide you with a mock-up quickly. For silkscreen printing, in particular, the number of colours and their PANTONE reference(s) (or possibly RAL) must be indicated and if it is text, specify the desired font.

The prototype

If you wish, you can receive a prototype of this branding; the technical costs and the prototype will be invoiced according to the type of branding chosen. For a serial order og over 200 items, the supply of a prototype for acceptance is included in the offer. Development of a prototype is possible after validation of the quote.

The prototype is usually created after several discussions with our team. First of all, we will help you identify the right branding for your needs, depending on the complexity of the design, size, number of colours, etc. A sales representative from the E-plasticase team will come back to you with a quote, taking into account the number of cases desired, the colour, the branding, the insert (if applicable) and the place of delivery. Then, a methods technician will ensure that the design is printable on the case and then start creating the tooling (only for screen printing) and launch the order to manufacture the prototype. For express validation, you can validate the prototype by photo, sent by our services; otherwise, we will send you the box by Chronopost (allow a few more days).


Upon receipt of the documents requested above, a maximum of a few days is needed to receive a quote and then, after validation of the initial quote, two weeks for a prototype. Once the prototype has been validated, it takes approximately 4 to 5 weeks for branding alone and 6 to 7 weeks for branding and an internal insert.

Some useful tips

For optimal branding rendering, we advise you to identify the Pantones you want to use quickly and very precisely. For the branding to remain harmonious, it is desirable to keep a coherent design. To help you select your case or branding colours, consult our standard and service colour cards as well as predefined colour palettes (Pinterest, Coolors, Color Huntm etc.).

To best anticipate deadlines, start the selection process and request a quote three months before your deadline (especially in the case of the release of a product), especially for cases requiring branding and inserts. With this in mind, and in order to optimise our exchanges, we also advise you to send us all your documents as soon as the initial request for contact or quote.

Some examples of brandings

This branding was done for newcomers employed at Gaggione. It is a digital print of four different photos representing the company’s various sectors of activity and know-how. Although small, these photos of about 10 cm x 5 cm stand out perfectly on the case thanks to the inkjet branding technique, which allowed a very high level of detail and a lasting result.

This series of brandings was carried out in agreement with the Tourist Office of Haut-Bugey where the company is located. The campaign included several formats of cases, suitcases and holders. Digital printing provided high-quality printing and an adaptation of each design to its media, while remaining coherent.

This series of suitcases from the T range was branded by silkscreen printing. This simple monochrome logo is easily applied to the cases and is lasting over time. Despite frequent disinfection and daily cleaning, as this case is used in the medical sector, the logo is indelible.

This shiny silver branding was made on a CR1800 model by hot branding. This very qualitative rendering affixes an elegant logo in accordance with the codes of luxury and high-end POS. The branding is discreet, but perfectly aligned with the design of the box and its use.

This branding demonstrates a great advantage of digital branding: the possibility of branding intense and very contrasting colours on the cases. On this promotional model Gaggione E-plasticase, we created a design with several colours without losing print quality. In this case, the choice of the colour of the case is extremely important because, in terms of rendering, the branding can be impacted by the colour surrounding it.

The branding can also be textured, as in the example opposite: the case is hot-marked by a punch (without a film), which results in a very interesting, effective and high-end matt/shiny contrast. This monochrome is elegant and is in line with the brand’s image. This rendering is exclusively available, and feasible on cases and suitcases with at least one grained surface. A black screen print on a black case provides a matte/shiny result of the same nature.

Other customisation options

In addition to exterior customisation, you can add inserts to your case. These inserts support, protect and present your products optimally. Several textures, materials, colours and densities are available: foam inserts, thermoformed inserts, folded PP pouch, separators, addition of velcro tape in foams, etc… To obtain a precise quote, in addition to the necessary documents to provide us for the branding (see above), please send us:

  • Number of cases per delivery, per year
  • List of products with their dimensions (L x W x H) and their weights, the best
  • being to send them to us as soon as possible
  • Product shapes (photos if possible or dxf plans)
  • Use of the case (frequency, transport, etc.)
  • Desired layout (using a sketch or photo)
  • Maximum budget

To learn more about inserts, check out our blog post.

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