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By specialising in manufacturing standard and mini-cases in recyclable polypropylene, we are able to supply a large number of packaging solutions to the medical, pharmaceutical and paramedical sectors.
Our presentation, protection, promotion or demonstration cases are greatly appreciated for their reliability and availability : we have many standard colours in stock.

E-Plasticase mini-cases have always been very well suited to the first aid and emergency professions : they are impact-resistant and resistant to the main chemical agents while being lightweight. That’s why medical specialists choose E-Plasticase empty cases, which they fill according to customer demand. They also particularly appreciate the option to customise the cases with cushioning and marking.

This success is due to the intrinsic quality of our products, which is recognised by professionals.

Optimal and meticulous presentation of your products and instruments

E-Plasticase mini-cases and boxes offer quality packaging solutions to display your various products and instruments.

Thanks to their reliability and durability, as well as many customisation options in terms of exterior marking and interior cushioning, customers are sure to remember your brand for a long time.

First aid kits Health and safety kit

E-Plasticase offers a range of mini-cases used in emergency care for both the public and private sectors. Our cases and kits are delivered empty and can be customised for orders of 100 pieces or more.

All our polypropylene cases can be used as first aid kits. Available in a wide range of colours, our cases can be marked with a logo for greater efficiency!

Wall brackets designed specially for our kits

To help you locate your first aid kit quickly, the 3 polypropylene case models most suitable for making first aid kits are equipped with a wall bracket : R2, R1 and L1.

Thanks to this bracket concept, your first aid kit will be easy to find in an emergency. This time saving is always appreciated in stressful situations.

These RA, RB and LA brackets are kept in stock, in red, white, translucent or green depending on the model, and are delivered separately.

Medical analysis and diagnosis kits

With our wide range of injection-moulded plastic cases, you can create your own diagnosis, analysis or testing kit.

We use all the qualities of polypropylene, a material resistant to the main chemical agents, to produce our reusable cases and boxes.

These particularly impact-resistant packages protect your products during transport.

Customised exterior marking and interior design help attract the attention of the kit’s users and meet all your needs and constraints.

Presentation of new products​

Our mini-cases and briefcases are ideal for promoting new products.

These presentation and demonstration cases are effective tools for communication inside and outside of your company.


Veterinary kits​

Handy. Lightweight. Resistant.

Our transport and operation cases are greatly appreciated by veterinarians and leading brands.

From 100 pieces, cases can be customised for greater efficiency!


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