Transparent storage boxes and transparent plastic boxes for food products

Our standard molded polypropylene, PMMA or PS packaging is perfectly suited to contain foodstuffs,
whether they are boxes intended for sale or promotional boxes.

Boite alimentaire transparente de haute qualité

Transparent food box

Our plastic food boxes and transparent boxes are injection molded from PMMA, a food material that allows us to produce top-of-the-range packaging. You will be able to present in a very luxurious and elegant way products such as chocolates, coffee, tea, sweets, cigars, etc.

For special events (birthdays, holidays, weddings, etc.), wrap your products in a unique and original gift box. And as it is reusable, it will make everyone happy.

Discover for example the CR1800 transparent box and its top-of-the-range finish. You will have the possibility to apply a screen printing or the marking of your choice on the front and rear sides for a total personalization.

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Presentation box for food products

Present all your samples in our PP cases or PMMA luxury boxes in a very professional way and attract the interest of your customers and prospects.

Our transparent boxes for your food products are made of PMMA, more commonly known as Plexiglas.

This material has the double advantage of being in compliance with food standards and being totally suitable for the manufacture of chocolate boxes or other luxury confectionery.

Thanks to our minimum order quantity of 100 pieces, we can adapt to your economic needs in small series.

Customize your transparent box and present your products in a fun way, this will bring an additional argument to your sales force.

Boite transparente pour produits de beauté

Decorative Plexi box

Make our PMMA boxes original and reusable displays for all your products. Stand out from the competition and add your personal touch with an external marking from 100 pieces.

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