Polypropylene cases for professional use

Gaggione makes cases in injection moulded polypropylene for professional use.

Our high quality products are designed for intensive use. This reliability is accompanied by reactive service at all stages of our relations.

For over 40 years, we have supplied some of the biggest names in industry.

Mallettes plastique Gaggione

Polypropylene case with integral handle

The polypro cases with integral handle are ideal for storage and have a more industrial design.

Polypropylene cases with semi -integral handle

Polypropylene cases with semi-integral handles make ideal demonstration cases in all activity sectors.

From luxury cases to tool boxes, our capacity for adaptation in terms of products or services means that we can handle any type of request.

Transparent cases in PP

Demonstrate your advantages in complete transparency with our polypropylene cases.

Our transparent mini-cases are available in several sizes from very small to A3 format.

Transparent mini-cases and carrying cases in polypro – small sizes

Our 2 smallest models of transparent carrying cases in polypro: G1T and R2T

Presentation cases in transparent polypro A5 format

We offer you 3 models of transparent cases in polypro with A5 capacity: R3T, T2T and F1 (transparent lid)

Transparent mini-cases and carrying cases in polypro A4 format

We offer you 3 models of transparent carrying cases in polypropylene with A4 capacity: T4T, D1T and A2 (transparent cover).

Transparent case A3 format

Discover our A3 case with 130mm thickness, download the T6T datasheet.

Translucent cases

Most of our cases can be manufactured in transparent polypro. Play with a teasing effect to attract your targets: their frosted appearance hints at what is inside the packaging without revealing it completely. A minimum order of 500 parts is required for these non-standard products.

Mallettes transparentes Gaggione
Mallette de présentation transparente
valises formats personnalisables

Promotional cases moulded in polypropylene

Available from stock (minimum quantity 100) in a wide range of colours, our promotional cases can be customized with inserts and/or printing.

In three clicks, select the format suited to you using our search engine send us marking information and your products we will help you to construct your own promotional case!

With the new T2 , T4 and T6 models, increase the customization possibilities even further with to a wide range of fastener colours!

Digital printing

Quality photo printing on all our cases! Contact us to know more and send us your picture.

Solid, lightweight cases for transport

Most of our transport cases are in polypropylene, a flexible material resistant to impact and to the main chemical agents.

Transport your products securely!

Go directly to our search engine to find your ideal case !

Mallette avec thermoformage

Storage cases

Our storage cases, often used for PPE material, are well known for their solidity! They are recycled many times for several purposes !

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