Briefcase and document case in injection moulded rigid plastic

Gaggione manufactures mini-cases in injection moulded thermoplastics, offering rigid and long-lasting document holders in several dimensions.

Our A5, A4 and A3 formats are available in several colours and can be customized by outside marking or inserts.


Promotional briefcase in polypropylene

The M1 model, with its mobile handle and leather-look surface grain, is ideal for giving to your special customers.

Lightweight and rigid, it is perfect for all types of events such as trade shows, promotions, training courses, Anniversaries….

Make your image last by positioning your logo carefully.

Document case in moulded plastic

Some Gaggione mini-cases are particularly well suited to carrying A4 documents, in varying thicknesses. Their impact resistance is much appreciated in the publishing field.

Model M1 High end, thickness 58mm

With its mobile handle and leather-look graining, the M1 has the look of an attaché case. Light and elegant, it can be customized from 100 parts by marking with your logo or a message for your customers.


R4: A4 49mm thick the most economical

If you give it to your customers on the occasion of a trade show or conference, they will be delighted and use it for storage, filing or any other use!

D4 – 79mm and D1 – 73mm Thick

Model D4 is compact and light. It can be used to store up a pile of A4 documents nearly 8 cm thick. The D1 is longer, so more comfortable for holding plastic or cardboard document holders.

T4 – Very thick A4 format: 100mm

In the T4 model, with its innovative design and wide range of colours, you can carry plastic document holders or cardboard files up to 10cm thick. What an effective way of filing and transporting documentation, files or sample parts for our industrial customers!

T6 – Very thick A3 format : 130mm

With our T6, carry your A3 documents up to 13cm high!

Z T4 gris-ataché-case-porte-document-plastique-rigide
Mallettes transparentes Gaggione

Transparent document case – A4 size

Select an effective filing and transport system for your documentation, files or sample parts. When the case is transparent, it is even more practical!

The D1T mini-case in transparent polypropylene, A4 size, 73mm thick, is a comfortable document case.

In the new T4T model, with its innovative design and coloured fasteners, you can carry plastic document holders or cardboard files up to 10 cm thick.

The A2 model, with its highly resistant transparent top and its coloured base, can be used to file up to 10 cm of documents

Carry your A3 documents in the transparent T6T.

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