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Evolution plastic cases - New design -


The new Evolution collection designed by GAGGIONE features large capacity and durable mini-cases/comfort cases with an original design.


The clasps in particular provide security and sturdiness with a touch of originality as you can choose from the 7 most popular colours in the industry.


The subtle yet efficient lining was introduced to the plastic mini-cases/comfort cases at the design stage to make them ultra shock-resistant. They have been designed to last and suit any business sector: medical, equipment, construction etc.


These demo kits and presentation cases embody the quality of your company. Make your mark on the exterior and interior features to make them more appealing and attractive!

251 mm x 181 mm x 80 mm
342 mm x 252 mm x 100 mm
441 mm x 310 mm x 130 mm
525 mm x 375 mm x 152 mm
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