Transparent packaging


Temptation par excellence! Magnify your products in our transparent packaging, a real showcase for promotion.

Gift packaging

Enhance your products thanks to luxurious and gift packaging: glass transparency, thick walls, lights effects and high end finishing!
Many customization possibilities.
New: photo quality printing!

Transparent packaging in polypropylen – small sizes

Our 2 smallest transparent case models in polypropylen : G1T and R2T.

Our 2 mini-cases with “crystal” transparency:

  • in PMMA “CHOC” (model G2)
  • in transparent PS (model G3)

Transparent PP packaging A5 format

We offer you 3 models of transparent polypro boxes to hold A5 format: R3T, T2T and F1 (opaque base / transparent lid).

Transparent packaging in polypro, A4 format

We offer three models of transparent polypro boxes to hold A4 format: T4T, D1T and A2 (opaque base / transparent lid).

Transparent packaging A3 size

Discover our new transparent model T6T with A3 size. Click here to download the datasheet.

Translucent packaging

Most of our cases can be manufactured in transparent polypro.
Play with a teasing effect to attract your targets: their frosted appearance hints at what is inside the packaging without revealing it completely.
A minimum order of 500 parts is required for these non-standard products.

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