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ZG3012 Fimo Lilie

Transparent boxes for games and toys

Our G2 and G3 models, with a transparency close to crystal, are excellent cases for all small items such as games and toys (collectible cars, Rubik’s Cube, etc.). Their useful dimensions are 135 mm x 94 mm x 31mm.

The G3 is particularly attractive in the field of games and toys, and constitutes a perfect “gift box to offer”. Its transparency makes it possible to draw attention to its content and facilitates personalization: You can communicate in a simple and effective way thanks to a simple paper sheet.

The applications of our boxes are multiple: games, creative leisure, creation of jewelry and figurines, etc.

Transparent boxes for luxury products

The sobriety and high transparency of our boxes enhance luxury creations.

Due to their high quality, our boxes have a 2nd or even a 3rd life, all the more remarkable for users, as the logo will remain permanently marked on the box.

Z CR 700 MAC stemcell
Z A2 N moto care set brookside [1280x768]

Transparent boxes for the promotion of industrial products

Our range of transparent cases is particularly appreciated by professionals for the promotion of their industrial products.

On a counter, they will certainly attract the curiosity of your customers and visitors. Designed to be able to combine several complementary products, they convey a positive image of the company. A little something extra about our transparent cases: they are customizable. You can thus write your logo or message of your choice on it.

Another advantage of our transparent boxes is the reuse for other uses and the recyclability of polypropylene! An ecological gesture that will leave no one indifferent.

The fields of application of our transparent cases are numerous: building, tools, medical, etc.

Festive promotional boxes

For your end of year gifts, weddings or other anniversaries, our small transparent boxes bring a high-quality touch and make the event unforgettable for the person who receives it. Held in stock, they can be delivered and personalized according to your wishes from 100 pieces!

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