Product presentation box and plastic display case

Thanks to a dedicated cushioning, our customers design very attractive presentation cases and display cases to promote their products. At Gaggione, we offer quality demonstration cases to enhance the image of your products. Your sales forces will thus be equipped with a professional commercial presentation case to market your products while guaranteeing optimal protection against shocks.

Transparent polypropylene displays

Show your best assets in a transparent display case.

Several formats are available, see our search engine.

Our transparent cases are available in different formats:

> A5 with the R3T, T2T and F1

> A4 with the T4T, D1T and A2

> A3 with the T6T

From 500 pieces, you can also choose from a range of acidic colours: pink, blue, purple and green.

Crystal display in PMMA

To ensure a high-quality POS of your products in boxed form, choose our range of display units in CRISTAL boxes. Thanks to their pure and sober lines, they highlight all your creations while protecting them during your many travels.

Our CRISTAL boxes are available in 5 sizes.

A small suitcase (useful dimensions 135x95x31mm) is available in PMMA CHOC (model G2) and PS (model G3).

Gamme Cristal coffrets en plexi

Translucent displays

Most of our mini-cases and briefcases can be made of transparent polypropylene.

Their frosted appearance makes it possible to guess the inside of the case without completely revealing its contents: it is an invitation to discover your products and the ideal way to attract the curiosity of your customers and prospects. A minimum of 500 pieces is required for these non-standard products.

See also the multiple possibilities of customization by external marking and internal cushioning or others, etc.

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