Plastic cases for distraction

PLASTICASE cases/carrying cases and boxes are very useful for all kinds of distractions ! Their reliability and solidity are key factors for success !

Thanks to a large choice of sizes, shapes, colors and cusmotisation, GAGGIONE cases will hold and carry games, accessories, all kinds of collections, or material necessary to sport’s practice.

Whatever the use : cases for games and toys, sports and leisure carrying cases or packaging for high tech products, GAGGIONE’s cases will enhance your products and protect them as well!

Cases for games and toys

The plastic cases/boxes/carrying cases manufactured by Gaggione since more than 40 years have been designed to resist and last long.
Thanks to the large choice of sizes and colors, they can be used either by kids or byadults to pack and protect their games and toys.

Cases for games and toys

Our rigid plastic mini-cases are very popular for children’s toys and games such as:

  • creative art kits, jewellery, beads
  • games consoles, storage of cables and accessories,
  • drawings, card games, magic boxes, jigsaw puzzles, etc.


Our PMMA CRISTAL cases make very fine showcases for your collections of:

  • model cars,
  • perfume bottles,
  • perfume bottles,
  • watches etc…

Cases for craft activities

Our Plasticase mini-cases and carrying cases are ideal for keeping accessories and craft items together.

Sports and leisure cases

The diversity of shapes and colors offered by Gaggione’s plastic cases make them ideal packaging for all kinds of sports and leisure activities.
Use our research engine to find the best box for your products !

Sport cases

Our polypro mini-cases are useful for all activities requiring particular equipment or a specific organisation.
Transparent, they allow a fast check for any missing elements.
Opaque, they can be used to transport and protect your equipment and accessories safely: pétanque balls, fishing accessories, sports club papers, spare parts for water sports, etc.

Carrying cases for leisure activities

The robustness and reliability of our carrying cases in polypro make them excellent technical cases for transporting and organising:

  • accessories,
  • installation kits,
  • repair kits for all leisure activities (golf, water sports, fireworks),
  • accessories for musical instruments
Mallette pêche Gaggione
Mallettes plastique Gaggione

High tech case

Our mini-cases and carrying cases are ideal for storing and protecting high tech equipment, cables and accessories: laptop computers, GPS, cameras, camcorders, MP3, DS or PSP games consoles, etc..

All users of high tech products particularly appreciate :

  • The solidity and the rigidity of our moulded cases in polypropylene, a flexible and highly resistant material,
  • The wide choice of sizes and colours held in stock for delivery of orders from 100 parts
  • Customization by screen printing and/or inserts enables you to stand out from the crowd and increase customer loyalty
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