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Food Packaging

Our standard packaging moulded in polypropylene, PMMA or PS can be used as containers for foodstuffs, either as boxes for sale or promotional boxes.


You can easily add your personal touch with outside marking (from 100 parts).


high end sweet box
high end sweets box

Transparent food box


Our transparent boxes and cases are injection moulded in PMMA, a material suitable for food use and perfect for high end packaging for chocolates, coffee, tea, cigars, etc.


For special occasions (birthdays, anniversaries, parties, etc.) package your products in an original gift case, which will be appreciated all the more for being reusable.


Presentation case for new food products


Present your samples very professionally in our mini-cases and carrying cases in PP or luxury cases in PMMA.


Present them in an entertaining way, giving your sales force an extra selling point!

POS presentation case in PMMA (Plexiglass) 


Use our mini-cases as original and reusable presentation cases.


Your products are transported securely in their cases.


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