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Cases for games and toys

The plastic cases/boxes/carrying cases manufactured by Gaggione since more than 40 years have been designed to resist and last long.


Thanks to the large choice of sizes and colors, they can be used either by kids or byadults to pack and protect their games and toys.


Cases for games and toys


 Our rigid plastic mini-cases are very popular for children's toys and games such as:


  • creative art kits, jewellery, beads
  • games consoles, storage of cables and accessories,
  • drawings, card games, magic boxes, jigsaw puzzles, etc.




Our PMMA CRISTAL cases make very fine showcases for your collections of:


  • model cars,
  • perfume bottles,
  • holiday souvenirs,
  • watches etc...




Cases for craft activities


Our Plasticase mini-cases and carrying cases are ideal for keeping accessories and craft items together.


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