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Mini-cases in plastic -


The resilient plastic mini-cases and cases that GAGGIONE has been designing and making for over 40 years are suitable for any product and business sectors: medical, construction, communication, equipment, industry, sport and leisure, cars etc.


The mini-cases and cases with semi-integral handle draw greater attention to the products. The design gives them a lightweight aspect whilst being fully shock-resistant.

The polypropylene aspect makes their hinges extremely durable (up to at least 100,000 movements).

We provide a fantastic range with a selection of sizes, shapes and colours. The possibilities are endless with bespoke interior features and external branding.

135 mm x 94 mm x 31 mm
222 mm x 160 mm x 39 mm
260 mm x 197 mm x 45 mm
318 mm x 244 mm x 49 mm
326 mm x 237 mm x 79 mm
376 mm x 269 mm x 73 mm
435 mm x 308 mm x 88 mm
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