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Compact plastic cases -


The polypropylene mini-case/compact case with integrated handle are easy to store in a wardrobe or workshop. Its design gives it a sturdy and industrial look.


The range of plastic mini-cases and carrying cases that GAGGIONE has been designing for over 40 years meets the majority of the market’s requirements for plastic packaging.


We provide a fantastic range with a selection of sizes, shapes and colours. Design your own communication tool with bespoke branding and interior features.

New for 2013: photo quality printing! Send us your snaps!

226 mm x 200 mm x 71 mm
309 mm x 282 mm x 100 mm
339 mm x 248 mm x 81 mm
340 mm x 240 mm x 45 mm
350 mm x 250 mm x 79 mm
493 mm x 275 mm x 196 mm
509 mm x 360 mm x 116 mm
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