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Gaggione company


The company GAGGIONE is settled since 1948 in the central-eastern part of France , between Lyon and Geneva, in an area called Plastics Vallée, well-known for its concentration of plastics industries !


His founder, Mr Pierre GAGGIONE was specialized in the conception and manufacturing of moulds for injection of technical components in thermoplastics. Some years later, the company acquired injection machines and its reputation for high quality manufacturing and services always increased .


Its core business, its skills, its long experience and its company culture mean that it is expert in:


    • product and subset design
    • tool design, production and adjustment of tools, 
    • transformation of thermoplastics by injection,
    • finishing operations such as assembly, decoration, machining and integration of other components


Today with 130 employees, Gaggione is unanimously recognized by its customers and the entire profession for its 2 main activities :



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